Your customers get the following personal results with the Digital Gut™:

- A full overview of all microbes in the gut  

- Levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria  

- Levels of selected probiotic bacteria  

- Personal diet recommendation  

- Continuous access to the results  

- Free updates for future scientific insight

Unseen Bio Digital Gut test-kit

The test-kit Digital Gut™ contains:

1 x Delivery note

1x Instruction card   

1 x Prepaid postage return envelope   

1 x Sterile swab   

1 x Sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid   

1 x Protective cover for the sample tube   

2 x Unseen Bio SampleCatchers™


We are always looking for collaborations and partnerships as our technology is widely applicable. Please reach out if you have a need, an idea or want to know about the possibilities.

Please reach out to Johan: +45 26 13 14 26 or send an e-mail.