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  • The hidden constipation by Dennis Raahave and Pia Brixved
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The hidden constipation

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By Dennis Raahave and Pia Brixved


We are used to talking about all sorts of topics; botox, unwanted hair growth, sex, etc. But if the talk should fall on toilet visits and its result - or lack of the same, then the eyes begin to flicker and the voice mute, because everyone knows that at least we women should preferably smell of rose water, when we've been out doing number two. We give it as little attention as possible - because it is both disgusting and clammy. It just needs to be overcome in silence and discretion - odorless and silent - and preferably at home in a private setting.

As more and more people suffer from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and bloating, so does the sale of laxatives and sick days. Our everyday life in the hamster wheel has put the body in check and combined with an alienation and distancing from the body's natural excretion of our feces, well, then it becomes difficult.

When I opened the clinic in 2005, dr. Dennis Raahave already a well-established and respected name for people who had digestive problems. He was the only doctor who really took people's ailments seriously and he was a coveted gentleman with a long wait. As a younger gut flusher, he instilled a certain respect tangential to the authoritarian. He was the most advanced knowledge center in my field, and I remember that it was with equal parts excitement and awe when I was allowed to follow him one day at his Intestinal Laboratory at Hillerød hospital. Just as formal I think he could be, just as generous he was with his many years of experience, which he happily shared.

When our paths crossed many years later, the idea of ​​a book on the digestive system was already sown. Raahave and I quickly found out that our drive to educate other people about the taboo that others would rather not talk about was stronger than ever.

It is our hope that you will be enlightened as to why your digestion is so important to your health and well-being without it becoming too busy and tedious. We can take a shower, dress nicely and finish off with a few splashes of expensive perfume, but what good is it if we are so constipated that we suffer from chronic bad breath, unclean skin, are so bloated that the dress tightens - and lacks the feeling of lightness after toilet visits?

Forget buzzwords like gluten intolerance and detox cures - a good relationship with his stools is the new black. We all have intestines.


About the authors

The authors behind the book are; dr. with. Dennis Raahave, Ph.D. specialist in surgery and surgical gastrointestinal diseases, former chief physician at the intestinal laboratory at Hillerød Hospital and Pia Brixved - who runs the intestinal lavage clinic Colonic.